Guardian's Newspaper False Information Campaign

The false claim on what a pregnancy looks like before 10 weeks gestation.

The Guardian Newspaper just published an article accompanied by images they falsely claim are what a pregnancy looks like before 10 weeks gestation.

The article features images of human tissue (see below), but no embryo developing in the womb! These are deliberately misleading images, with the intent to trick people into believing that a baby is "Only a clump of cells".

This is the kind of misinformation we are battling every day on our social media platforms. It is intended to deceive those contemplating abortion and whip up support for killing babies.

Take a look at the Guardian’s lies and the powerful image of truth, side by side.


The pro-abortion media constantly dehumanizes the unborn.


Any mother who has tragically had a miscarriage will tell you that the baby they delivered did not look like the white tissue on the left.
Any woman who has ever got an ultrasound image of their baby before 10 weeks can tell you there is a distinct baby to be seen in the image… not a clump of “tissue” floating around.


This lie must be challenged now.  Here is what we will do with your help.

We need your help now to combat this false information campaign and expose the media’s lies before too much damage is done.


We have videos and clear graphic posts (like the one above) ready to launch in a massive on-line advertising campaign.  


These posts will expose the Guardian’s lies, show the reality of a developing baby, reach those who may have been influenced by the Guardian and help save lives.

I’m looking to raise over
€5,000 for this massive ad campaign.  


Can I depend on you for a special and urgent gift of €50,  €100,  €200, €500, or whatever is within your means.


Every penny counts, can we count on you now!




Yours for life,


Campaigns' Director