The Fight Against Partial Birth Abortion in Ireland

A study, published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in September 2020, confirmed that late-term babies were being aborted in Irish hospitals

The accounts from doctors make very grim reading.

One doctor described performing foeticide as akin to "stabbing the baby in the heart". Others said it was “brutal" and “awful", while one recounted: "I remember getting sick out in the corridor afterwards because I thought it [foeticide] was such an awful procedure and so dreadful."

The abortionists used the foeticide method, that is, where a lethal injection of potassium chloride or digoxin is injected into the baby’s heart. This stops the heart-beat and the circulation of blood, and will soon lead to death. When the abortionist believes that death has taken place, a further drug is given to activate the birth process and expel the baby’s body. In some cases, the injected poison does not kill the baby, and a living child is born.

Other concerns brought up the uncertainty of who would care for these babies if they survived.

This barbarity is happening in our country, and we plan on stopping it, but we can't do it without your help.

We need to lobby politicians to put safeguards in place to make sure this never happens again. We also need to launch an effective advertising campaign that will include online videos, posts and leafleting with information detailing what is happening in Irish hospitals, as most of the public would be repulsed with this news.

Can we count on your help?




Thank you for your continued help in saving lives.

Yours sincerely