Petition To Introduce Emergency Restrictions to Reverse The Explosion in Abortions

Abortions in Ireland are Skyrocketing. We need to introduce new measures to restrict abortion and provide help for women with unplanned pregnancies.


There has been a shocking increase in abortion numbers in Ireland since it was legalised in 2018 and women no longer travel to the UK.  The year after legalisation, abortions doubled.

Shocking figures, just uncovered, show that over 5000 babies have been killed by abortion during the first six months of 2023. If this trend is not reversed, we face an unprecedented abortion total for 2023 of over 10,000 babies—a 40% increase on the previous year.

One abortion is too many, but we must do everything possible to stop these spiralling numbers! That's why Family & Life and CitizenGO are launching this petition right now.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition calling on the Irish Government to introduce emergency restrictions to help reverse the recent explosion of abortions in Ireland.

These new figures were unearthed following a parliamentary question by Independent TD Carol Nolan. Also discovered, from January to June of this year abortion providers received €300 for every baby killed.

To say abortion providers are 'making a killing' is an understatement. No wonder so many of them are up in arms at the suggestion of any restrictions to abortion, and are hell-bent on ending the current three-day waiting period which is built into the 2018 abortion legislation.

Worst still, for the past number of years the government's focus has been to remove all restrictions on abortion in Ireland. This must be opposed. Instead, we must introduce emergency measures to limit abortion in Ireland and promote the right to life of the unborn.

  • First, as a starting point, we need more provisions for expectant mothers and for families with children in the form of greater child allowances and tax credits.
  • Second, the life-saving 3-day wait period must be retained.  Over 4000 babies are alive today because mothers changed their minds during this mandatory waiting period after an abortion has been approved by a doctor.
  • And third, starting immediately, pregnancy should be promoted in a positive light by the State in universities and the stigma of an unplanned pregnancy consigned to the past.

To Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

I wish to register my shock and disappointment at learning that the ever-increasing abortion numbers have skyrocketed in 2023.  This figure, set to reach 10,000 by the end of this year, is a deeply disturbing tragedy.

The Government mantra about removing restrictions on abortion in Ireland is dangerous for women, the unborn and society.

Your government has responsibility for these vast numbers of abortions and the dehumanisation of innocent unborn babies.

I am calling on you to bring in emergency measures to limit abortion.

First, as a starting point, we need more provisions for expectant mothers including greater child allowances and tax credits.

Second, the life-saving 3-day wait period must be retained and extended to seven days.

And third, you must provide greater help for girls with unexpected pregnancies, and stop creating a stigma in universities.

The goal of the state should be to fight for the life of that unborn child, not to promote abortion.