Women's Lives

We have a duty to protect a woman’s life when she is pregnant. This duty is paramount to us.

Every mother loves her baby. Women are enriched by the experience of motherhood.

Pro-abortion campaigners encourage women to think of their pregnancy as a problem for which there is only one solution. They exaggerate the inconvenience of pregnancy while dismissing the joys. Pregnancy is a natural biological process and a meaningful, life-changing, event in most women’s lives. As a society, we need to enable mothers, free from pressure, to have this amazing, life-fulfilling experience.

The claim, often repeated in the media, that abortion is a human right is a fallacy that we must reject. Women should not be forced to choose between their own lives and the lives of their babies. Having abortion as an option does not create equality for women. Women should never be told that they cannot finish their college degree or excel in their career just because they are pregnant. That sort of thing would never be said to a man once he becomes a father. The system should be altered to cater for the needs of pregnant women. An example of this would be to provide paternity leave on the same basis as maternity leave. We must reject and rectify the obstacles to opportunity encountered by mothers in our country. Only then will equality be achieved.

We ensure women live a healthy and fulfilling life. Stand with us against abortion.

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