The Disabled

We are all about equality. Regardless of a baby’s strengths or defects, number of chromosomes, or genetic abnormalities, we believe in equality and protection of all babies’ right to life.

We protect the lives of babies who are disabled. Every human life is equal in dignity. All of us have a right to life, regardless of what illnesses or disabilities we are born with.

In Britain 92% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. Elaine Fagan from Limerick was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome, a condition often said to be “incompatible with life”. She lived until she was 25.

Noah Wall was born with spina bifida causing him to get hydrocephalus (buildup of fluid in the skull) where he lost 98% of his brain. His mother describes why she thinks abortion for disabilities is wrong:

“Noah’s a perfect baby to me. Mothers who abort their disabled baby’s life will miss out on a very special relationship [...] It didn’t cross my mind to contemplate termination.”

Some people seem to think that having a disability makes a life not worth living. This mindset is reflected in the number of babies who are aborted worldwide because they have congenital conditions like Down Syndrome. How must this make a disabled person feel? What does it say about society’s view of disabled people? How can we claim to be a progressive liberal society where all people are equal if we do not give all people the same chance to live?

Abortion on grounds of disability is outright discrimination. We defend the right to life of disabled people. We are anti-discrimination.

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