Petition Against the Criminalization of Peaceful Pro-Life Prayer Witness

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Pro-abortion politicians in Ireland have abandoned the principles of Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Assembly. Right now, they are devising laws to outlaw prayerful gatherings.

Since abortion was legalised in Ireland, in addition to the numbers skyrocketing, so too has the audacity of abortion politicians. Not happy with eroding the Right to Life, they have set their sights on people of faith who, in small numbers, sacrifice their time to pray near maternity hospitals that provide abortion.

They are praying for divine intervention to help women and save babies. They do so respectfully, silently and non-intrusively. Yet, such public displays have become the target of politicians like Stephen Donnelly, eagerly following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Simon Harris.

This is a direct attack on democracy, as it staunchly indicates that any belief that does not fall in line with those of the abortion cartel should be considered criminal.

Some Politicians have made false claims to justify censorship.

“It is shameful that only a year after the historic vote to give women the right to choose,  which over 67% of the country supported, that small groups feel they can abuse and intimidate medical practitioners and women who are seeking medical care at a very vulnerable time in their lives. Ireland has changed and this campaign of harassment cannot be supported.”

- Deputy Brid Smith PBP in 2019 on matter of exclusion zones.

Here are the facts:

- Of the 19 maternity hospitals contacted and asked about their experiences regarding the prayerful witness, not one said that staff or patients had complained. There was no mention or report of intimidation or harassment, and even more tellingly, one large hospital reported that though they received no such reports from staff, patients or family of patients, they did however receive “third party correspondence on this matter.” We can guess which side was attempting to manufacture ‘outrage’.

- Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, made it clear that there was "no evidence to suggest that there is threatening, abusive, or insulting behaviour directed towards persons utilising such services." What’s more, the Commissioner told the Minister Simon Harris in 2019 in writing that the existing public order laws were sufficient to deal with cases of harassment if they were to arise.


Join Family & Life’s international petition against the criminalisation of peaceful, prayerful, witness for the unborn and their mothers in Ireland.

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We call on Minister Donnelly to preserve Freedom of Speech and Assembly in Ireland.  We specifically ask you to oppose any attempt to criminalise those who give silent prayerful witness near places where abortions are performed. 

It is a fundamental right in any democracy for citizens to respectfully protest against injustice, and abortion is an injustice as it denies the dignity and humanity of unborn human life.

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