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Abortion Statistics Reveal Targeting of Babies with Down Syndrome

Posted To Irish News | 26/05/2016

Forty Irish babies were aborted in Britain last year because they were diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Overall, 135 women from the Republic had abortions in the UK on grounds that the babies were at risk of serious disability.   These included nine abortions after a diagnosis of spina bifida and one due to cystic fibrosis. Other abortions included 13 babies from Ireland diagnosed with Edward’s syndrome and seven with anencephaly, the annual statistics from the UK's Department of Health revealed.  

Woman Died Due to Abortion in UK

Posted To International News | 26/05/2016

One woman died and 294 others suffered a range of complications as a result of abortion in England and Wales in 2015, according to official figures. These victims are in addition to the 185,824 bab...

More Pro-Abortion Pressure from UN

Posted To Irish News | International News | 26/05/2016

The United Nations Human Rights Council has demanded that Ireland change its laws to make abortion more widely available. Among 262 recommendations made to Ireland as part of the UN’s Univers...

RTÉ Rebuked Over Persistent Pro-Abortion Bias

Posted To Irish News | 26/05/2016

For the second time in six months, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has upheld a complaint against RTÉ radio’s Ray D'Arcy over his blatant pro-abortion bias. A spokesman for...

Conference on Marriage and Family

Posted To Irish News | 26/05/2016

A conference this weekend will discuss “The Joy of Love – Marriage, the Family, and Irish Society 2016”. Speakers at the conference in Tralee, County Kerry will include well-known...

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