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NI Minister Recommends Abortion Law Change

Posted To Irish News | 15/10/2014

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister David Ford has launched a public consultation on proposals to allow abortion in Northern Ireland in cases of foetal abnormality and in instances of rape and incest. Mr Ford’s consultation paper recommends that in cases such as anencephaly, where babies usually die within a few hours or days of birth, abortion should be allowed.

Women Completing UK Abortions in Ireland

Posted To Irish News | 15/10/2014

Some women who travel from Ireland to Britain for abortions are returning to Ireland after the first part of the procedure to deliver their stillborn babies in Irish hospitals, and a leading doctor...

New Group Calls on Minister to Protect Children

Posted To Irish News | 17/10/2014

A new organisation has been launched to draw attention to the anti-child nature of the Children and Family Relationships Bill. Mothers and Fathers Matter argues that, in its present form, the propo...

Huge Rally in Paris Against Surrogacy

Posted To International News | 15/10/2014

Over 500,000 people recently flooded the streets of Paris and Bordeaux to protest against surrogacy and other forms of medically-assisted reproduction for same-sex couples, rally organisers said. A...

Report Exposes Extent of Tax Bias Against Single-Income Families

Posted To Irish News | 15/10/2014

Ireland’s tax system discriminates against families where one parent stays at home, a new report...

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