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Abortion Must Be Election Issue - Bishop Doran

Posted To Irish News | 12/01/2016

Christians must make the protection of unborn children an election issue, and politicians must be questioned “politely but firmly” about their intentions on the liberalisation of abortion, Bishop Kevin Doran has said. Commenting on the campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment, the Bishop of Elphin hit out at “political posturing” around the “only remaining protection” for “unborn children in the legal system”.

New Rotunda Master Favours Repeal of 8th Amendment

Posted To Irish News | 12/01/2016

Professor Fergal Malone, the incoming Master of Dublin’s Rotunda maternity hospital, believes that the 8th Amendment should be repealed in order to legalise abortions for babies di...

Free Vote on Abortion Should Not Apply to Ministers - FG MEP

Posted To Irish News | 12/01/2016

Dublin MEP Brian Hayes, who will be directing Fine Gael’s general election campaign, said ministers should not have a free vote on abortion. He said he expects the government will adopt the r...

Minority of Renua Candidates Declare Support for More Permissive Abortion Law

Posted To Irish News | 12/01/2016

Five of the eighteen candidates standing for Lucinda Creighton’s Renua Ireland have publicly backed changes to the Constitution on abortion. Since the new party was launched last March, it ha...

New First Minister Opposes Expanded Abortion in Northern Ireland

Posted To Irish News | 12/01/2016

The new First Minister has vowed to prevent the 1967 Abortion Act being extended to Northern Ireland. Arlene Foster, the first woman to hold the office of First Minister said she ...

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