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Women's Health

We protect women's health by ensuring they get the highest standard of medical care. If a mother's life is at risk, our main concern is protecting her. MORE

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The Disabled

We are all about equality. Regardless of a baby's strengths or defects, number of chromosomes, or genetic abnormalities, we want to guarantee equality and protection of all babies' right to life. MORE

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Women's Lives

We have a duty to protect a woman's life when she is pregnant. This duty is paramount to us. MORE

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The Baby

We need to protect babies. The majority of abortions in countries where abortion is legal are committed against perfectly healthy babies. MORE

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Doctors and Nurses

We need to protect doctors and nurses from being forced to go against their ethical responsibility. MORE

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Protect the Innocent, Punish the Guilty

We all feel angry when it comes to the subject of rape. It is one of the most abhorrent, traumatising and horrific forms of assault on a person. MORE

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Conscientious Objections

Conscientious objection has been removed from the abortion Bill in all but name. MORE

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The Disenfranchised

Women who are already disadvantaged are more likely to feel they have no alternative to abortion when faced with a crisis pregnancy. MORE

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