6700 Too Many

Help Women Today and Reduce the Number of Babies Killed in Ireland by Abortion

Since legalisation the number of abortions in Ireland has, as predicted, skyrocketed.

It’s easy to forget that behind each and every number is a human tragedy. A baby is killed as a mother is left without the support and care that would have enabled her to choose life.

Even worse, the abortion campaigners are telling their supporters to “celebrate” the fact that 6,700 babies were killed!

We cannot stand by and allow such barbarity to remain unchallenged!

Will you reaffirm your support for the unborn and your abhorrence towards this unfolding tragedy by donating to Family & Life’s pro-life work today.

Your donation will support, among other vital projects, our baby saving advertising campaigns, our social media projects that help women and challenge the consensus, our education work in local communities as well as the production of new resources exposing the abortion industry.

August is traditionally a difficult time for organisations to mobilize resources in defence of human life.  With your help now we will launch our latest pro-life videos for nationwide distribution through all out media channels and we will distribute addition resources to our volunteers which will have a direct impact on persuading women to choose life.

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