Our Interns At The UN

Irish pro-lifers are facing either a major loss or a huge win at the UN.

In a few weeks from now, pro-abortionists, religious persecutors and those who attack our values will gather at a major session of the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland.

A number of radical left groups will also try to classify Christian beliefs as "hate crimes", at this UN session.

Others want to declare abortion a universal "Human Right”, and also want “gender changing” surgery guaranteed for children.

We've already witnessed some of these radical agendas in Ireland and the UK with the removal of Crucifixes from Hospitals and classrooms and the enforcement of the use of “pronouns”, not to mention, doctors not being allowed to help women who regret taking the abortion pill by providing life-saving reversal pills.  Remember Dr. Dermot Kearney who saved 32 babies and faced prosecution before he was eventually vindicated.

We cannot let it happen!

Family and Life plans to send three of the very best graduates from our leadership academy to lobby the UN in Geneva this month. There, they will team up with some of the best Pro-Life lobbyists in the world.

Our interns will spend a full day on a specialized training course to learn strategies and tactic to bring home and put to good use. Together with other pro-life lobbyists, they will persuade undecided delegates to vote 'NO' on these radical's agenda.
But we need your help today to send our team to Geneva.  Can you help us pay for flights and accommodation?

This is a battle that must be won. Can we count on your support today?