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French Institute to Bank Dental Stem Cells

Posted on 31/08/2011 to
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Europe’s first biobank for storing dental stem cells has been established in France. In a statement, the Institute Clinident Biopharma announced the first private biobank for the preparation and conservation for autologous therapeutic use of dental stem cells. The French Agency for Public Health Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) authorised the Institute in June “to perform preparation and conservation of tissue (dental pulp and its stem cells) for autologous therapeutic purposes”. The Institute, based on the Clermont-Limagne “biopôle” technology park, aspires to become the “European leader of regenerative medicine and cell therapy by using the stem cells of dental pulp as a primary source”.
The autologous therapeutic use of stem cells “is in full growth and must be supplied with a source of quality cells,” the Institute explains. “These dental stem cells have demonstrated their capacity to regenerate tissue resulting from all three embryonic germ layers. It will be thus possible to use these cells for the treatment of pathologies of the bone, the muscles, cardiac tissue, the cornea, the central nervous system, the liver, the pancreas, epithelial tissue, the teeth… ”, the statement suggests. The most interesting teeth to collect are the wisdom teeth or baby teeth extracted for medical reasons.
Le Quotidien du Medecin. August 26. Institut Clinident. July 15.

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